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GOJI ORIGINAL 100% juice is a liquid pressed from Chinese goji berries, which are the real elixir of youth, health and beauty. The juice comes from quality, fresh berries with a characteristic colour, aroma and taste.

GOJI ORIGINAL comes from selected harvests grown strictly in harmony with nature. We pride ourselves in the fact that the berries of our harvests are collected exclusively by hand, carefully sorted and immediately cold-pressed and bottled without any preservatives, additives and thickeners. Thanks to these procedures, all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other healthy substances are preserved as far as possible.

More information

More information

A dose of merely 25 ml of this natural jewel will fully cover your recommended daily intake of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. We process 6 kg of selected berries for the production of one litre of GOJI ORIGINAL.

The HIMALYO brand is the only one on the market that supplies goji juice in a clear 750 ml bottle. In this way we offer our customers 50% more juice compared to the price of a usual 500 ml pack.

The clear design of the GOJI ORIGINAL bottle allows you to check the natural origin of the juice. You can therefore visually assess the natural layering in the upper part of the bottle, indicative of the absence of thickeners and preservatives which would prevent any such layers or slow it down.

The appropriate daily dosage is 25 ml.
The layering of the juice is a natural occurrence in live liquids unaffected by thickeners.
Shake bottle well before use.
Ideal for regular, daily consumption for the whole family except for children under 3 years of age.
Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.
An open bottle can keep in the refrigerator (up to a temperature of 5 °C) for more than two months, but we recommend consumption within 30 days after opening.
Do not consume straight from the bottle.
Country of origin China - Ningxia province.
Distributor: ALBIXON a.s. - Wellness and healthy food division

ikona článku Goji – the most beneficial plant on earth
ikona článku Towards longevity
ikona článku The true power of GOJI

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Our berries have a characteristically sweetish, juicy taste; you can recognize them at first sight by their intact skin and their equal size in the packet. EXCLUSIVE class berries therefore achieve the best nutritional values ​​and are the healthiest. Dried GOJI ORIGINAL berries can be consumed separately or added to cocktails, salads, yoghurt and other foods (you can find inspiration for recipes at www.HIMALYO.cz). We are the only player on the market to offer two different sizes of these dried berries to our customers - large and standard.
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Luxury gift packaging for juice GOJI ORIGINAL 750 ml

Luxury gift packaging for juice GOJI ORIGINAL 750 ml

Goji je a beautiful gift for an endless number of occasions from Christmas, birthdays, name days... to just giving to someone for pleasure and health. Image is illustrative only, the package contains no ribbon.
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