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Interveiw with Roman Šebrle about GOJI

Publikováno dne: 10/13/2015
Roman Šebrle
Olympic champion


Search for him on Google and you will be inundated with a wagon load of information. King of the decathlon, sexiest Czech athlete, world champion, Olympic champion, record holder, a legend. However, prepare yourself also for the notion of the family type, the moderator, the avid golfer, actor, charity athlete or athletic pensioner. We know almost everything about him. Or not?

Roman Šebrle „Goji reduces fatigue, improves concentration, increase energy, reduces stress...
Exactly what I need.“

Roman, what do you feel you are right now?

Just half an hour ago I was a player on the green. In half an hour I'll be a dad and in the meantime maybe I’ll play a role as a patient in a serial for you. (Laughter)

“Right now I want the best for my family. So I am betting on Himalyo.”

box Himalyo

So, first things first, and with discipline. Let's start with running. How is it going?

Hard, but quickly. I mean that since I finished my professional sports career, my running is slightly worse. Working on my physical condition in the gym, cycling, playing golf and even with the running. I have to still keep it up. Not only because I am in the public eye on television. To feel okay, I need to feel good. And a spare tire on your stomach is not good. Otherwise it is going quickly - the children are getting older. (Laughter)

Can you still jump?

It depends on when. I have more energy in the morning than in the evening, but I'm staying more down to earth. Health is just one thing, my joints and tendons must keep working for some time. So for me to be able to jump sometimes, I supplement the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements from natural products.

Hurdles won’t leave you alone even outside the stadium.

I don’t see it like that. I like new challenges. That's why I recently took part in a charity bike race, because I am “fighting” with the role of presenter, and it even appeared on the show for a moment, so I support children's sport. Oddly enough, I never had big aspirations. Not even a career as a professional athlete. I just worked hard. I still do.

A couple of times the shot put got you on the podium. What don’t you have the “balls” for now?

For low blows, dishonesty and neglecting the family. When I was deciding the year before whether to take the position as coach in Prague’s Dukla, I had to weigh this up with the time for my children. Štěpán and Katka are very important to me. I want to be there for them when they grow up, to keep them safe and enjoy playing around them. Not to neglect them. To raise them as healthy and happy people.

“Goji has been working for thousands of years, it must work even today.”

71.18 - Roman Šebrle sent a javelin whizzing through the air a very long way eight years ago. What keeps you whizzing now?

Mostly it is a healthy lifestyle. Not only me but the whole family prefer quality food. Sometimes it is not easy to navigate through everything thing on offer, then I always say: What has worked for thousands of years, must work even today. Of course we are not completely crazy and feeding on roots. However, we are inclined towards nature.  

When I was recently approached by Himalyo, I was excited. Finally, something simple that works. I was very happy to include products from fresh goji that Czechs probably know more under the name Chinese wolfberry, from the best growers, on my menu. And with rapid results.

Give me an example.

I'm really sure that this elixir of health and longevity helps me to manage the daily merry-go-round. I simply believe in the goji from Himalyo. Also, because it was completely by chance that I found out who around me was eating and drinking it.

It provides singers, actors, athletes and managers with the energy and the desire to work. On the other hand, it improves sleep quality and eliminates stress. And I can tell you that they most often make a goji morning smoothie. Anyone who doesn't manage to do this, enhances their day with 100 percent goji juice. The effect really starts after two or three weeks. Although we live very actively and hecticly, we avoid the flu or migraine. I have personally noticed a  faster mental and physical regeneration.

 “You feel the effects of Himalyo products very quickly.”

Thank you for the tip. Did someone catch you out like this?

(Laughter) If I always know what the fridge is filled with? I am very careful of the manufacturer. As I said earlier - I hate cheaters. All kinds of artificial colours, preservatives, flavours ... My wife keeps a really close eye on these. Also for the kids. But otherwise I like it when people sometimes play tricks on me. I have fun and I like doing it.

We have discussed running, jumping, throwing, hurdles. Are there any other disciplines missing in this conversation?

Self-discipline. (Laughter). I think I’ve had enough, training hurt a lot and still hurts. Nevertheless, I would like to be more organised with time. Perhaps right now if I had been more concise, I would be playing football with Štěpán in the garden. I would let him score a goal a couple of times, but then I would put away five goals. He would be furious ...

“A higher performance, better immunity, a faster recovery. Roman Šebrle bets on Himalyo.”

Your whole life has really revolved around seconds and meters.

It is true. Now, most of all I want to devote it to my family and their health.