Thank you for your interest in the products of the HIMALYO brand.

This section is reserved for PARTNERS and TRADERS of the HIMALYO brand. 

PARTNERS are our active customers who help to spread the HIMALYO brand through recommendations or mediation. 

TRADERS buy and sell the products of our brand themselves.

The gateway for candidates for club membership is filling in the questionnaire below.

We will review your completed questionnaire and consider the possibility and conditions of your admission to the HIMALYO CLUB CZ. You will receive a response to your questionnaire within 10 working days of sending. The completion or non completion of the various boxes and the range of answers we leave to your discretion and this is on a voluntary basis.

For more information please contact us at this e mail address: klub@himalyo.cz

We are looking forward to working with you,


Form for the application for admission to the HIMALYO CLUB CZ