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Roman Šebrle

Olympic champion

15. 3. 2015

Goji reduces fatigue, improves concentration, increases energy, reduces stress ... Exactly what I need

Singer and actress

21. 4. 2015

I can recommend HIMALYO - 100% juice GOJI from my own experience.


David Mišurec

Zlín - Czech Republic

100% goji juice is amazing. My whole family drinks it, it helps my wife’s skin and me with blood pressure and shortness of breath. I can’t even remember the last time my son and daughter were ill. It really is great and it doesn’t only help us, it also tastes really good. My wife does different cocktails, for example, with banana and cinnamon. It simply works for us…and we’ve got a photo for it. :)

Zákaznice - Helena Pawlasová

Helena Pawlasová

Havířov - Czech Republic

Goji is the best there is...It’s an aphrodisiac, it is the elixir of youth. I recommend it to everyone..

Zákaznice - Hufová Irena

Hufová Irena

Hrabyně 3 - Czech Republic

Beautiful day, I am severely physically handicapped and move using an electric wheelchair. Just over a 3/4 year ago I started taking Himalyo juice, one shot glass in the morning, on an empty stomach and during the day I snack on dried berries. I don’t know how to accurately express how these excellent products work on me, but I reduced the doses of certain drugs and I feel great, like I have recharged some energy. My friends say I am glowing and I all feel that even though the weather is not great this winter. I cannot imagine a morning without Himalyo juice and a day without snacking on dried berries. I am very satisfied, Irena

Zákaznice - Říhová Jana

Říhová Jana

Mělník - Czech Republic

Hello everyone. I have had a very positive experience with the product Goji 100% juice. I started taking it in 2015 when I got my first bottle of Himalyo from my son as a gift after he had read information about this product on the Internet. I am undergoing treatment for diabetes and often have internal tremors or trembling, and after 3 weeks of using this, the problem began to recede. I feel better inside and my nerves are calmer. I'm even sure about the impact of this product on my blood sugar and it contributes to better sleeping. I take the recommended 30 ml of goji juice each evening. Therefore, from my own experience, which is full of praise, I recommend buying and trying this natural and tasty product goji. It tastes great. Best wishes, User Jana

Zákazník - Marián Demeter

Marián Demeter

Košice - Slovakia

Goji really helps me with my digestion, blood pressure and potency. The next day I’m in a great mood. It is the most amazing fruit. THANK YOU!

Zákazník - Jan Orsag

Jan Orsag

Hovězí - Czech Republic


Duchoňová Jarmila

Pilsen - Czech Republic

Hello. After using one bottle of GOJI I feel full of vitality, I have more energy and my digestion works better. I use dried GOJI berries in tea, I add them to fruit drinks and salads, also to bread pudding, rice pudding, or just eat them. It’s a great way to add diversity to my diet and a vitamin bomb.

Štěpková Jarmila

České Budějovice - Czech Republic

It is amazing “doping” after which I feel great for the whole day. Goji juice helps me with my immunity, no colds throughout the entire winter period. I nibble on dried goji with my husband in place of snacks.

Kloudová Alena

Čáslav - Czech Republic

My husband and I have been suing goji since the autumn of 2015. It helped us overcome the autumn period, when my husband regularly, year after year, suffers from a strong cold and has problems with his voice. Thanks to goji, he coped with the autumn season without any problems. A reduction in fatigue was also noticeable for both of us. We both like the taste of goji and it is part of our morning ritual. :) In the Christmas period we tried it in dried form, and it was the first to go among the other fruit and goodies. We can also recommend this product. Alena

Maděra Karel

Nymburk - Czech Republic

Hello. Here are my experiences with GOJI. I am 71 years old, I have been drinking goji since last July. I have been a diabetic since 1989 and before using GOJI I had a long-term sugar level of 5.3 - 6 and a blood glucose level of 6.9 to 9.0, pressure 140/80. At the current time I have sugar levels from 4.2 to 4.8, pressure of 120/70 and glucose levels from 4.8 to 6.0. I even cured long-term fatigue, poor sleep, hip and knee pain. I gradually observed how the pain subsided and now I even sleep better. It also strengthened my nails and hair. Today I feel wonderful, fatigue-free and don’t suffer from flu etc. I would recommend it to anyone, we only have one health.

Svoboda Petr

Bílovice nad Svitavou - Czech Republic

I have been using goji juice for three months, and although I have had a chill several times this winter, I haven’t had a cold yet. :) In the autumn, my doctor found that I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and threatened me that if I don’t fix the values myself, he will start treating me. Upon a further examination (after using the first bottle of goji juice) she found that the cholesterol had fallen by half and the blood pressure is normal. In the future, I hope that the carotenoids it contains will help improve the condition of my damaged retina and improve my vision. Thank you for this gift of nature. :)

Libušová Marta

Bratislava - Slovakia

At the beginning, I was sceptical about using GOJI HIMALYO 100% juice because the effect which I had expected did not happen. After using it for about a month I started to feel changes mainly regarding sleep. I can also boast about increased energy and the fact that after a day running around with my four-year old grandson I am still able to do something else in the evening. Obviously the effects of GOJI HIMALYO 100% juice have contributed to this as I haven’t used any other dietary supplements. Thank you

Černá Lucie

Prague - Czech Republic

Excellent taste, beautiful colour and very healthy all in a single shot. It doesn’t need to be diluted at all, just one “shot” in the morning and off to work. I bought 4 bottles (then the delivery is free) and for the whole time I didn’t have even a little cold or any headaches. I tried other products (cheaper) but it wasn’t worth it, I suspect they dilute or add something to them. So I go back to Himalyo. :) Lucie

Naivertová Lucie

Ostrava - Czech Republic

Hello, I am treating an autoimmune disease that makes me really tired, causes severe cramps and pain in my limbs. On a recommendation, I ordered dried goji berries and juice from you. After just a few days I felt the beneficial effects in my body. The feeling of extreme fatigue disappeared, I was more active, fresh, had better focus and my blood tests, for which I go every three months, had much better values. I believe that Himalyo goji products are very good and have improved my life! Thank you very much!

Puklová Vlasta

Brno - Czech Republic

I have had nothing but good experience with goji. I prefer the liquid and am of the opinion that I deserve only the best. I have been taking goji, with breaks, regularly for a few years and can see for myself the results of regular use. I have more energy, my immunity is much better than it used to be and my condition has substantially improved in all aspects. I make full use of it mainly when I have some energy intensive days in front of me; I prepare a cocktail with a shot of goji. I can handle things without any problems just like when I was thirty. Recently a friend invited me to measure my health, my body feels fifteen years younger than hers, and that's the result of my taking care of myself. And it is worth it. :)

Mikel Laura

Praha 10 - Czech Republic

When I discovered Himalyo products early last year, I specifically focused on goji juice, I thought that I should at least "do something" for my health. What a surprise it was for me that goji juice worked completely unexpectedly and really well. I not only had more energy, but after about two weeks of drinking the juice, I even didn’t need the usual sleep time. I still woke up refreshed, full of energy, and mentally and physically satisfied. I work in the arts, education and concerts. So I meet a lot of people. Since last year I have avoided the flu and I have not been ill. I recently gave GOJI juice as a gift in my family, and everyone who tried was extremely satisfied with its effects. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Bínová Věra

Jihlava - Czech Republic

Since the time I started regularly using goji in liquid form, all my blood values have levelled out, I have stopped getting cramps in my legs and, above all, I'm not as tired as I used to. My sleep quality has improved and the quality of my skin. I have been using goji since July 2015, and the first results appeared very soon, probably as early as after 10 days.

Pavelcová Alexandra

Mladá Boleslav - Czech Republic

I get a good feeling of doing something for my health, and this is why I don’t buy products of unproven quality. Here I know that I am buying the best. The proof is in the fact that in my family we regularly buy the berries as well as the juice. I have recently has a breast ablation. I started using goji in my diet in July 2015. In the second breast, I had a cyst and microcalcification. After the operations in 2012, I went through 3 ultrasounds and mammograms with the same result. In December 2015, the result changed. The cyst has gone and the microcalcification is at a minimum amount. I believe that it is thanks to goji, and even if this wasn’t the case, I know that my body is getting the best antioxidant and vitamins. It's also a cleaner of the intestines. None of us suffer from constipation. Alexandra

Lakomý Milan

Střížov, Drahanovice - Czech Republic

We have been using Himalyo products for more than a year. In this time the effects positively showed up in an increase in immunity and resistance to colds, fatigue and stress, we also greatly improved our body weight (downwards :-)), and digestion and better quality sleep. We are very satisfied and are expanding the use of goji further in our neighbourhood and to other family members. 

Navrátil Jiří

Prostějov - Czech Republic

I use GOJI ORIGINAL every day. My first trip after waking up in the morning is to the fridge, where I keep my GOJI. I am convinced that, thanks to regular use, I have spared myself from the usual influenza infections and sore throats, which afflicted me in the past. I have much more energy than in the past, I do sports to the max, even though I'm no longer a young man. No chemicals, a delicious taste, easy application and, in addition, a good price

Tretter Leoš

Blansko - Czech Republic

Hi, HIMALYO helps me a lot with high blood pressure. Although it is not prescribed yet, before taking it I had an average of 143/91, after fourteen days of use my average dropped to 137/83. The truth is that sometimes it jumps up to 138/94, but even this is a huge success. Leoš Tretter

Veselá Václava

Vraclav - Czech Republic

I’m very satisfied with the purchase. The dried goji berries are really big and have unparalleled quality. They are clean and without any unwanted plant residue.  They are excellent in yogurt, for example, or just added to a cup of tea. Excellent taste and most importantly they provide your body with everything you need. I would definitely recommend them. :-)

Vaňková Jarmila

Praha 6 - Czech Republic

I started taking goji three years ago in connection with my osteoporosis. For me, it replaces the taste, smell and quality of many other dietary supplements. I'm 80 years old and I am convinced that thanks to this natural product my lab results are always normal. Thank you!

Neubauerová Soňa

Trutnov - Czech Republic

Hello, I would like to respond to your invitation. I have been using HIMALYO since October 2015, when I had higher cholesterol levels (6.6). At the start of December 2015, my cholesterol was reduced to 5.3. I am convinced that it was the positive influence of your HIMALYO product as I don’t take any prescribed medication to reduce cholesterol. In April, I can expect more tests for my cholesterol and I hope that I will be happy again. Of course, keeping a healthy diet also “helps” with reducing cholesterol. Thank you for your interest. Sonia Neubauerová

Mrajcová Dagmar

Třinec - Czech Republic

Whenever I drink 100% goji juice I feel my body being cleansed, more energy, it refreshes my eyes, and in the summer I never have a problem with tanning. When I travel abroad, where it is necessary to increase immunity due to the risk of disease, I' never have any major health problems and this is certainly because of the preventive drinking of goji juice. Thank you for that, there's an option to buy it at Himalyo at a reasonable price and high quality.

Nádvorníková Jarmila

Brodce - Czech Republic

Sometime ago, an acquaintance recommended goji berries and told me how great they are. It took me a long time before I decided to try this product. I'm pretty fussy and it seemed expensive. The right time came about now, because I read that after taking goji it can lead to weight loss. I have had a problem with my weight for some time now so I decided to try the dried berries. I was also pleased with finding out that they contain many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. I have to also look after my brain because previously I had a stroke – a postoperative condition where the obstruction is in the left carotid artery.  I survived, I learned to speak again, write and move. It's been ten years and I feel healthy. Still, I must admit to some irreversible changes that happened in my body. Since I plan to stay here in the world for many years, I welcome such a healthy delicacy. I have been using goji berries for only the first week, so I expect some positive and fundamental changes. Rejuvenation is really important, and I look forward to lasting health. Thank you.

Hofmanová Alexandra

Pilsen - Czech Republic

I am very satisfied with using HIMALYO GOJI juice. Since the time I started using it my body does not retain water and I think that overall my digestion and metabolism works as it should do. I have always had problems with water retention in my body, and what I enjoy about using GOJI juice is that now I don’t have swollen feet. I have also noticed that even in cold weather the overall appearance of my skin has improved, the skin is more hydrated and so does not dry out as before. I don’t know whether more stamina when doing sports and an overall feeling of satisfaction is a result of the use of this product, but I will believe that it is and continue to drink more sips of health and vitality in the form GOJI :-)

Majdlochová Marie

Zlín - Czech Republic

Hello, I'm very happy, and my colleagues at work too. I work in operating rooms in the TOMÁŠ BATA REGIONAL HOSPITAL IN ZLÍN, I feel better on the health side, I even didn’t succumb to flu like my colleagues who don’t use goji, and I do not feel so tired, even though every day I work from morning till late .
Thank you, Regards Majdlochová


Rybka Tomáš

Česká Třebová - Czech Republic

Ever since the time when I started using the drink goji in the morning, I feel indescribably better than ever before. The goji drink gives me energy and zest for a new day, and I can assure you that’s simply the way and that it is not just a placebo effect. Likewise, I can recommend it to people who suffer winter illnesses such as colds and the like. From the time I started using Goji, I have avoided my winter colds and “sniffles”.

Paličková Iva

Pardubice - Czech Republic

Hello. I have nothing but praise for the goji drink. I have drunk about ten bottles. Since then, I have been lively, full of vigour and energy. I wake up and fall asleep well, my skin has improved, my digestion and the immunity of my whole body. I don’t know how much I can attribute to the effects of the drink, but overall, I feel very good. Seeds - I use berries every day - in yogurts, smoothie drinks, in baking, in fruit salads, etc ... When I want something to nibble it is dried goji berries. I recommend it to all my relatives, friends and customers who receive a card with a discount code as a gift for my purchase. Thank you for an excellent product. Iwapa

Mašatová Ivana

Smiřice - Czech Republic

After taking a once a month dose of Goji juice I lowered my high blood pressure and modified my cholesterol. When the weather changed, I had a headache, I used Ibalgin and suffered from dizziness when bending down. Now I don’t suffer from dizziness. I don’t feel so tired, I'm more active and more energetic.

Czerneková Jana

Třinec - Česká Republika

I ordered goji juice on the recommendation of my friend. I ordered 2 bottles with the idea that if by chance I did not like it, I could give the bottles to someone. But goji tasted so good to that I will not hand it over to anyone! :-) I have been drinking goji for more than a month and I have more energy than I have had for a long time. Every morning I jump out of bed with joy and I am really looking forward to when I can take “my dose.” Yes, it's probably an addiction, but a HEALTHY addiction! I feel much better and healthier than before, when I had only heard about goji and didn’t take any notice of it. I also use it as a nourishing facial mask. Apply, leave it to work for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. And my skin is beautiful. But be careful! Goji leaves strong stains, so I recommend having a gentle scrub handy that washes away the colour from your face ... Well as long as you don’t really want to out and about with an orange face. :-) I RECOMMEND goji juice to everyone who cares about their health and wants to feel better, because they can be sure that they really will! :-)

Kristýnek František

Žďár nad Sázavou - Czech Republic

I have a positive experience with HIMALYO products. I have used pills for high blood pressure for years, but since I have used goji, my blood pressure has dropped, and my doctor even reduced the doses. My wife couldn’t move the toes on her left leg, but since taking goji she can move her toes again. She has Pertes congenital luxation, she also had very broken veins on her legs, and these are also gradually disappearing. That is everything I wanted to write. And thank you that something like this is on our market.  Regards František Kristýnek

Pryclová Ivana

Trutnov - Czech Republic

I have been using goji juice for several years. From Himalyo for about one year. I drink goji in the morning on an empty stomach, when I feel tired I take a larger dose, and then I feel much better. I had a period when I moved and it was really tiring. I couldn’t keep up with anything and I didn’t take goji for a couple of months. When I fell, as they say, "flat on my face", I realized that my immunity was low and I felt totally exhausted, so I bought goji. It is true that I have increased the dose to double and I took it twice a day, morning and evening, and I must say that goji got me fired up. I won’t hear a bad word said about it. Now I even use the dried goji berries, which I eat alone or in yogurt or added to cakes or strudel. I eat them like raisins, which I eat instead of chips, and I know it’s a healthy berry. I saw my blood tests after a month of using goji juice, and I saw how the white blood cells began to work as intended. Goji is the healthiest berry that you can give your body. It also helps with high blood pressure, so a person doesn’t get so old. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Khol Zdeněk

Hostinné - Czech Republic

Hello, I have personally had a good experience with the goji products you offer. I met with a colleague, who has been buying them from you longer than I have. Before I subscribed to it myself, I took goji products from colleagues and I still take them even after registering, so I have already been taking goji longer than 9-10 months, and after using about three bottles I stopped taking medication for second degree diabetes. Also, my slightly increased blood pressure is back to normal, so I don’t take drugs. I also have problems with blood circulation in the lower extremities. After surgery, when the superficial veins over the entire length of the legs were removed, the skin pigmented and got darker. Now, after taking goji my skin has partly returned to its original colour. It is definitely a product that truly works well for health, at least mine. Thank you for your excellent product. Zdeněk Khol.