Friendly meeting of HIMALYO team members with Goji growers. July 2014, China - Ningxia province.

The HIMALYO brand mission is to make the gem of Chinese medicine accessible to us Europeans. This jewel is goji - a unique superfruit that is the most beneficial plant on earth. The HIMALYO brand offers only the best berries from select harvests, grown organically in harmony with nature. We strive to make sure our live, one hundred percent juice was squeezed from only the highest quality fruits and in compliance with the strictest hygienic conditions.



Thanks to friendly ties with the growers of this jewel of the Earth, we guarantee an unusual and personal approach to every drop of juice which is pressed for us from the goji berries. We can assure our customers that precisely this high quality is our main advantage in the distribution of live HIMALYO juice in Europe. We rightly take pride in the fact that we distribute the finest goji, bringing health to your families.

Personal quality control before the summer harvest. July 2014, China - Ningxia province.




Our European customers also accepted an invitation to visit. September 2014, China - Ningxia province.

HIMALYO GOJI ORIGINAL is also a sought after product with our retailers who resell it under various names and brands. We are happy that this is happening and that we are at the beginning of the process that brings health to our customers. We are happy that our product is available to our customers and the subject of mutual generosity among their loved ones. A bottle of alcohol as a gift “for health” is a thing of the past! The real health is a force of nature hidden in GOJI ORIGINAL juice. This is also why our and our customers’ motto is:

Give goji, give health!



Prague registered office HIMALYO.cz, you can find us at Zbraslavská 55/5a


The human body is one of the fascinating wonders of nature. Especially in time when everything works as it should, we take the optimal condition of our physical side for granted. However, this may not always be the case.  Especially in today's hectic world, where we live surrounded by stress. We are always in a hurry and we do not attach enough importance to a healthy and varied diet, and even if we do, we don’t have time for it.  We even cloak this in the area of movement; we are getting fatter and weaker.

Our physical side usually works fantastically. The efficient use of substances that we provide it with and the negative phenomena that we are trying to influence harm its performance. Of course, they do not always work one hundred percent, but certain sine waves belong to human life. It is up to each of us how to deal with this reality and overcome the obstacles that the world puts in the way.



We all know that the present time places greater and greater demands upon us. Our health deserves attention. Health is our fortune, about which we make our own decisions every day, as well as about our physical and mental well-being and a balance between what we ask of your body and, on the contrary, what we give it. To live in harmony with oneself and surroundings is one of the basic prerequisites for a happy life. To enjoy longevity and a balanced life, it is necessary to balance the negative effects with a positive force. Why should it be anything less than the real strength of goji – the healthiest fruit on Earth? This gift of nature provides us with an irreplaceable opportunity for a healthy and long life.

Team HIMALYO.cz - we are here for you!