Goji – healthiest fruit on earth — elixir of youth, health and beauty


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LUXURY gift set HIMALYO PREMIUM COLLECTION for all who want to give health. Juice and dried berries are in the best BIO quality. 750 ml GOJI ORIGINAL 100% juice BIO 250 g dried GOJI berries EXCLUSIVE BIO Glass bowl with a bamboo lid 2x glass 0.30 ml Bamboo spoon DVD about GOJI history, cultivation and processing, and flyer.
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GOJI ORIGINAL 100% juice BIO | 750ml
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GOJI ORIGINAL 100% juice is a liquid pressed from Chinese goji berries, which are the real elixir of youth, health and beauty. The juice comes from quality, fresh berries with a characteristic colour, aroma and taste. GOJI ORIGINAL comes from selected harvests grown strictly in harmony with nature. We pride ourselves in the fact that the berries of our harvests are collected exclusively by hand, carefully sorted and immediately cold-pressed and bottled without any preservatives, additives and thickeners. Thanks to these procedures, all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other healthy substances are preserved as far as possible.
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€ 12,74 for 500 ml
Luxury gift packaging for juice GOJI ORIGINAL 750 ml

Luxury gift packaging for juice GOJI ORIGINAL 750 ml

Goji je a beautiful gift for an endless number of occasions from Christmas, birthdays, name days... to just giving to someone for pleasure and health. Image is illustrative only, the package contains no ribbon.
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ORAC is a standardised test of Ministry of Agriculture of the United States, designed to measure the effects of antioxidants in foods. Antioxidants protect the human body against oxidative stress. During oxidative stress the body releases a large amount of radicals which cause damage to body structures and ultimately leads to cancer. The ability of antioxidants to absorb free radicals is expressed in units of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

Goji quite rightfully has the label of the healthiest plants in the world for the enormous amount of antioxidants it contains. Well known and conventional food can be found far behind goji in the rankings in which, additionally, their values decrease during their treatment.

Comparison of the antioxidant capabilities of foods


Himalyo juice is the optimum daily dose.


The most beneficial plant on earth

The elixir of health and longevity, the fruit of immortality, the healthiest fruit in the world, red diamonds or the secrets of beauty and eternal youth of Hollywood stars. Do you know which fruit we are talking about? It isn’t a lemon, orange or kiwi. We can find the correct answer if we look eastwards into the shadow of the majestic slopes of the Himalayas, where you can find wolfberry or goji.

Goji bushes yield beautiful, orange berries with a delicate sweet flavour, containing an incredibly high amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. The status of goji as the most beneficial fruit of the world has been confirmed by many scientific studies around the world. The longevity and health of Chinese monks as well as of the population of the Ningxia region are proof of this. The fruit, with its wholesome effects on the human body and mind, is the cornerstone of their diet, paradoxically along with Hollywood stars who retain the beauty and vitality of youth thanks to its regular consumption.

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